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Monday, September 04, 2006

why is Iran pursuing an indigenous nuclear fuel cycle?

Dave Schuler has recently posted some well-written well-argued pieces in his interesting blog (The Glittering Eye) about Iran's nuclear program. Andy and I usually participate in his discussions.

In his recent "taged as Iran" posts, he provides a link to an interesting report (PDF) about whether Iran's nuclear program is economically sound.

The report raises a good point and reveals a very ineresting aspect of Iran's nuclear program: If Iran is interested in independence in its nuclear program, then it should have its own supply of uranium. Apparantly, based on the current figures, Iran does not have the viable supply she needs to run her own reactors.

I think it is a fair point. However, there are some issues that need be considered:
  1. The current uranium mines are not necessarily the only uranium mines. It wasn't a long time ago that a new mine was discovered and there might be more.
  2. Iran is not located in an isolated planet. Countries buy steel and turn it into cars. Countries buy oil and fuel their factories. Similarly, Iran can buy additional uranium and make nuclear fuel for its reactors.
And then, he asks the important question: "why is Iran pursuing an indigenous nuclear fuel cycle?".
I responded to his question and I'll try to summarize my thoughts in a later post (whenever I get time).

update: The comment section of the post has become an interesting read.


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