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Friday, August 25, 2006

The two Romanian Oil Rigs in the Persian Gulf

picture taken from BBC's websiteReportedly, Iran has attacked a Romanian Oil Rig. Although Iranian officials have denied attacking the rig, they have confirmed that Iran has prevented the rig's removal from the Kish Island.

Whereas the story, as it is mentioned in BBC-English, is very vague and poor in content, the BBC-Persian has a detailed coverage of the issue.
I have compared the two articles and I've found the following discrepancies:
  1. One of the most important shortcoming in the BBC-English's story is that it lacks the Iranian point of view.
  2. It fails to mention that both rigs were involved in a legal dispute.
  3. It also fails to mention that both rigs were on a 3-year loan to Iran, under a contract which was unilaterally rescinded by the Romanian company.
  4. It also fails to mention that, by law, the rigs should have stayed in the Persian Gulf until the dispute was resolved.
  5. And that the other rig was covertly taken out of Iran 8 days before the incident.
I don't know why BBC-English should have such a poor report on this. And whether this is intentional or not (obviously, they have access to their employees in another department, right?).

A very important issue, not discussed in any of the two, is whether or not there was any attack. And if there was, whether or not there were any damages/casualties?


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