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Friday, November 11, 2005

News for public or news for professionals?

picture taken from Yahoo!
Diplomats say that First results from Iran site show no nuclear activity.

Nothing has yet been found to prove the claims that Iran has a military nuclear program. How long should it go on? Until all Iranians take off their pants and allow IAEA! to take samples? If that happens and they find nothing, wouldn't United States still claim that Iran may use the technology to build the nuclear bombs in future? Why should Iran allow inspections beyond NPT then? Isn't it to let IAEA inspect all military sites that Americans have little information about?

The report says:

    In any case, a diplomat said, "we don't expect those samples to show any undeclared nuclear activities, after all the time Iran was given to sanitize those sites."

It is a good feed to the public, but not for professionals. A little physics background suggests that it is not possible to wash out nuclear traces (and this is why they take samples with cotton cloths).


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