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Thursday, June 09, 2005

EU3's deadline

The prolonged talks with Europe seems to be getting to a conclusion. Iran's warnings of resuming frozen activities really affected the pace of the negotiations and EU3 asked for a high-level meeting. Once the European foreign ministers met Dr. Rohani, they convinced Iran to keep the suspension in place until late August when they will give a final version of their proposal. The day after the meeting, United States dropped it long obstinacy of vetoing Iran's request to join WTO. Today BBC-Persian reported Dr. Condi Rice (in her meeting with German FM) as saying that the United States will also not object Iran's request for purchasing parts for its commercial airliners; and that it is the utmost incentive from the United States.

But, would that be tangible for Iran when it comes to abandoning very expensive nuclear industry that Iran has invested in? I don't think so; given that there is no other side to the coin. Up to last week, EU3 and the US has been trying to present an ugly face as the other side of the coin, but it appeared that they are now trying to decorate and beautify the top side of the coin (I call it the real side) and see what they can buy with it.

My calutor shows that they can only buy partial enrichment.


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