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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Iran: Vision out of sight

I think the past 25 years of frozen relationship between Iran and United States has turned many Americans blind about Iran and Iranians. While most of the muslim nations do not accept persians as TRUE! muslims (and accuse them of not following the TRUE! Islamic practices), Iranians are called extremists by some Americans. :). Follow the link to see an example of how some Americans think that Iran is going to attack them.

WorldNetDaily's Iran plans to knock out U.S. with 1 nuclear bomb

Being cautious is not a bad thing. Being paranoid is personal. But, accusing others is not acceptable.
Points to ponder:

  • What type of interest can Iran have in attacking a super-power. Do they think Iran will attack the United States and leave the planet to planet Mars?
  • Do they think that Iran, with so many science talents (email me if you need examples), does not have a sane politician to advise them of the consequences?
  • Has Iran attacked any other country in the past 200 years or more? No.
  • Has Iran attacked and killed american people? No.

United States, however, has ignited several wars (I had the chance to follow 3 of them on the news as they happened). United States has also the history of attacking an Iranian commercial airliner in 1988 where some 290 men, women, and children were killed.

Who should be afraid of whom then?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Wed Apr 27, 02:27:00 AM 2005  
Anonymous Rob S. said...

what about the 1979 Hostage Crisis, bombing American Embassies around the world, or helping terrorist organizations?

Wed Apr 27, 06:14:00 PM 2005  
Blogger X said...

The idea that Iran even has these weapons is bullshit:
These guys at WorldNetDaily are totally unhinged.

Wed May 04, 03:36:00 PM 2005  

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