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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Iran Seeks Incentives From Europe in Impasse

New York Times' Iran Seeks Incentives From Europe in Impasse:

    Top Iranian negotiator said that the European Union and Iran will not break the impasse over restraining Iran's nuclear development program unless the Europeans offer significant incentives.
    Asked for a specific example of the kind of incentive Iran now seeks, Mr. Mousavian said, "Europe can agree in principle to a contract for 10 nuclear power plants for Iran."
    But no incentives will persuade Iran to abandon its plans to enrich fuel, He added.
Do the Iranian negotiators know what to expect to abandon their nuclear program? The only thing they should expect to get out of the negotiations is restoration of the condifidence they have destroyed.
    A senior European diplomat familiar with the proposal said if Iran had only 500 centrifuges, it would take 10 years or so to make enough material for one bomb. However, American officials have said that even a small number of centrifuges would allow Iran to master the technology.
So it is not the bomb, but the technology. You can take the scientist out of the laboratory, but can you take the science out of his brain?


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