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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

New intelligence on Iran’s nuclear case

United States officials have found over 1000 pages of documents, computer simulations and accounts of experiments on a stolen laptop and claim that it proves Iran’s intention in making a nuclear warhead. It is very hard for me to believe that for the following simple reason:

If Iran has a military nuclear program, it has done a pretty good job in covering it all up during the past few years of intensive inspections by IAEA. Now, would you think they are so silly to let the scientists work on a portable computer? And then let the laptop out of the research lab?

I would say it is another fuss before the next IAEA meeting to ratchet up pressure on Iran. Asefi responded to the issue by “[It] made us laugh. We do not use laptops to keep our classified documents”. I would have said something else if I were him:

Could they please return the stolen laptop if they are not afraid of us having access to the content!

It seems that a former UN arms inspector has challenged the validity of the intelligence.


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