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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Definition problem

I don't like to see anyone killed by anyone else in anyway. I don't like fights, I don't like death sentences, I don't like wars, and I don't like terrorism.
I am sure that individuals/nations involved in any of the abovementioned acts can justify their purpose. However, I still don't understand the meaning of terrorism, and I can't analyze the justifications.


  1. Is it people killing people?
  2. Is it soldiers killing soldiers?
  3. Is it people killing soldiers?
  4. or is it soldiers killing people?
This is what I think and is incomplete:
Number 1 is called FIGHT.
Number 2 is called WAR.
Number 3: I don't know, may be defence!
Number 4: This is what I hate the most and is probably what terrorism is all about.

What about the Israel-Palestine conflict?
What about Iran killing its dissidents?
What about Iraq bombing Kurds with chemicals during the Iran-Iraq war?

I raised the issue and I'll comment on it a little bit more later.


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