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Friday, February 04, 2005

Ms. Rice is not as harsh as she sounds.

I am really surprised by Ms. Rice's change in prospect about Iran's issue. As reported by CBC (text, video):

Rice warned that Iran must not "use the cover" of civilian nuclear power development "to sustain a program that can lead to a nuclear weapon."

So, the only problem is: "it [Iran's Nuclear Program] can lead to a nuclear weapon" and not "it is a nuclear program". United States distorts the truth so badly, sometime they themselves forgot what they lied about.

The Iranian government lied about their Nuclear Program and they are suffering from it now (their credibility can't be fixed even by accepting impromptu inspections by IAEA). Though, the question is "When is America going to suffer from their lies?" They diverted the attentions on "Afghanistan" to "WMD in Iraq", then to "Iraqi Elections", and now to "Iran's nuclear program". How long does this scenario work?


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