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Friday, February 04, 2005

Is it for peacful purposes?

The question I am try to get answer to is the following:
Are Iranian Mullahs after making nuclear weapon?

The answer is: it is not clear yet.
(a solid YES or NO would be a wrong answer, unless you are the Mullah)

Until few months ago, I thought they have taken steps towards making a nuclear bomb. But they haven’t. They have had the centrifuges, the yellow cake, and no trace of highly enriched material. The later was the part I doubted, but after IAEA’s close inspections of the sites, I am pretty sure there is no enriched material that the mullahs can use for making a bomb. Otherwise it would have been on the headline news for weeks (and BTW, there would have been no nuclear talks between EU and Iran) .

The tones seem to be changing too. They frequency of calling it a "weapons program" is reducing in the news and the concerns are more over "diverting to weapons program". Financial Times article on Feb 04 writes:

"But the EU says it cannot deliver until it has assurances that Iran's programme will not be used to develop weapons. Contrary to US assertions that Iran has a military nuclear weapons programme, Tehran maintains its programme is peaceful."

I guess that is an achievement for Iran's government to convince -at least- some EU diplomats that its current nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.

The question that is raised at this point is:
Why does such a religious dictatorship government become suddenly so determined to build Iran’s nuclear powerplants? Let’s talk about it later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you better be sure that they are developing nuclear weapons.

Fri Feb 04, 11:37:00 AM 2005  

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