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Sunday, February 06, 2005

CBC’s Frequently Asked Questions about Iran’s Nuclear Program

CBC’s Frequently Asked Questions about Iran’s Nuclear Program:

It has to be mentioned that the information in the above mentioned document has not been updated lately (last updated on November 29, 2004). The following Question/Answer is an example:

“Hasn't Iran opened its program to inspections?Yes, according to Iran. Not totally, according to the IAEA.”

IAEA says otherwise now. “Not totally” hasn’t been the case since 29 Nov 2004, when the IAEA resolution was adopted. They have had access to all the nuclear sites they wanted. Even IAEA inspectors were allowed to visit the open area of the Parchin military site to look for traces of nuclear activities after the false claim by US. It should be noted that inspecting military sites is not part of the NPT.
US takes any opportunity to claim that Iran is secretly developing nuclear weapons, a claim that has not been proven.


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