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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Afraid and Unfair

US is so afraid of seeing Iranian mullahs with Nuclear Bombs at hand, and it is not so hard to figure out why. Although Iran has denied US accusations of having a secret nuclear weapon program, and the fact that its denials has not yet been proven wrong by IAEA inspectors, US continues its allegations. US not only accuses Iran of its covert weapons program, but it brings up other issues such as "supporting terrorism" and "human rights".

Despite the fact that I don't like Iranian mullahs have access to nuclear weapons, I do see their current peaceful activities as a right for all Iranians. US officials, similarly, don't like to see Iranian mullahs have acces to nukes, but they don't care about the right of Iranian people.

No matter what alibi they come up with for their objective, and no matter right or wrong (wrong as the one for Iraq), US officials just don't want Iranians to get close to the vicinity of nuclear technology (peaceful or unpeaceful). There is no doubt that US is acting "unfair" about these issues, and this is why:

1. US has double standards about nuclear issues. Having nuclear Israel close to its borders, Iran has enough reasons to think of nuclear weapons. While muslim brother nation, Pakistan, or the close ally, Russia, both with nuclear power, will never endanger Iran's regime, they wouldn't protect Iran against the hostile Israel.

2. While US is long due to neutralize its nuclear warheads, and while it is working on its bunker-buster (a type of nuclear boms), it is asking Iran to drop all its nuclear program (even the part for peaceful purposes).

3. US continues its unsubstantiated accusations of Iran persuing nuclear bomb while no such evidence has been found by IAEA inspectors.

4. US ignores Iranian's need for alternative source of energy.

If I were among the Iranian officials, I would have:

1. repeadedly shot back accusations, stating that United States has to drop its research on nuclear weapons.

2. hold a referendum on the issue, asking Iranian people to decide whether or not to go ahead with the uranium enrichment.

... to be continued.


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