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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Why Iran rejects IAEA's request to revisit the Parchin complex

Iran rejected a request by IAEA to revisit a military base in Iran, where US accuses that Iran is conducting nuclear tests.

Although Iran is not required by NPT or the additional protocol to allow access to sites where there is no clear indication of ongoing nuclear experiments, Iran allowed inspectors to take samples from the open area of the complex in mid-January.

Iran refuses this time. Pierre Goldschmidt, an IAEA official, quoted Iran's response as saying: "The expectation of the (IAEA) in visiting specified ... points in Parchin Complex is fulfilled and thus there is no justification for an additional visit."

Iran has signed the additional prottocol to NPT, under which IAEA inspectors are allowed to visit Iran's nuclear sites on a short time notice. Details of the inspections that are supposed to remain confidential get public, disrespecting a nation's security measures. If Iran's intentions are peaceful, they should be more strict about the matters. The deals, the protocols, and the commitments it signs should be on a GIVE-and-TAKE basis, not GIVE-and-GIVE:

  • Iran signed the additional protocole to NPT, allowing impromptu site inspections. But it was followed by more allegations and requests to inspect military sites.
  • Iran suspended its enrichment program. But now it is being asked to halt the program.
  • Iran allowed inspections of a military base. But now inspection of another site is requested.

    OK. Iran need to take confidence-building measures due to its failure to report its programs in a timely manner.

    However, under NPT, countries with nuclear capability have obligations too. They are obliged to help other members use the technology for peaceful purposes. Not only EU and US have failed to do so, but also US has pressured others to stop dealing with Iran. Western countries, too, need to take confidence-building measure. (ie. Germany can release the fully-paid parts for Bushehr Nuclear PowerPlant confiscated after Iran's revolution, or settle the lawsuit that Iran filed against German companies for refusing to complete the Bushehr NPP)

    When Iran rejects the IAEA's request for revisiting the Parchin complex, western diplomats
    say that this is indication that Iran has a secret weapon program.

    No wonder Iran is getting more strict. I suspect next time you would read the following if the trend continues:
    But Iranian officials do not have the guts to spell it outloud. I hope they don't sacrifice the nation's right by their existence.

    Blogger Jennifer and Eric said...

    Looks like we are going to war again...

    -eric: Revolutionary

    Wed Mar 02, 02:03:00 AM 2005  

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