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Thursday, March 17, 2005

I'm back from California

After one week of perfect weather in California (T>+20), I am back in the snow and wind of Toronto (T<-20). To my surprise, US officials at the border did treat us well and friendly. The one that interviewed my wife said that Iranians, unlike many other people that need special registration (i.e. those born in other 'axis of evil' countries!; How many dimentions do we live in?), are very polite and patient during interviews. Other than the nature and my family, I enjoyed using Microsoft Streets and Trips with GPS, without which I couldn't have made it back on time to Toronto. I also enjoyed visiting Stanford University, and University of California at Berkeley. Thanks to all friends in Stanford (AmirAli, Alireza, Masoud, Yashar, Mehdi ...) who made it a good day for us.
do you feel the speed?
I also need to thank Gita and Gordon for their wonderful hospitality.

I recently read about the four
Iranian Brothers Freed From L.A. Detention. US Authorities alleged they supported MEK, a terrorist group opposing Iran's regime. But the brothers denied, saying that they just attended protests against Iranian regime.


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