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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Iran did not threaten US ships in the Persian Gulf (The Full Video)

The full video of the Strait of Hormuz incident (about 40 minutes) can now be found on You tube. (thanks to Cernig for his post).


Pentagon's video in five parts:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

IRGC video:


First observation - the first part of the radio exchange accords with the Iranian version released Friday and which the Pentagon had said was of an earlier incident.

The US vessels sound their warning horns several times, beginning at about 4.30 in. There's a 'copter in the air over the speedboats - possible from the US ships - something not seen in the US' original edited video release.

There's at least one other ship - it looks like a tanker - in the area.

At fifteen minutes in, the Iranian boats appear stationary and have dropped back so far as to be invisible, then in part three (19 mins+) a single Iranian boat comes in again and voices can be heard ordering "all ahead flank" on the US ship. That's about 38 knots for ships of these classes. At that point, there's an oil rig in the background of the shot. The Iranian boat keeps a long distance - several hundred yards at least - away from the US vessels. A US voice says "Are there any other contacts out there...just the one?" and shortly thereafter a second Iranian boat joins the first - still keeping way back. By 27 mins we're back to one boat just keeping pace at a goodly distance (at least half a mile, maybe more).

Part Four: the first few minutes are a repeat of some of part three - oops. At 7 mins in (37 mins total) there's a 'copter overhead (Iranian?). Still just one boat, though, and still keeping its distance. 8.43 of this chunk and there's an oil platform again.

Part 5 - 25 secs in, a dark object in the water, could be anything. Then some footage of what could be fishing boats (flocks of seagulls follow them) but aren't speedboats. An oil platform again. A flash of a 'copter. No speedboats in sight. US ships no longer in line astern. The end.

No multiple white boxes in the water.

No mysterious voice threatening explosions.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Strait of Hormuz incident

(please see my next post regarding this issue as well: Iran never threatened the US ships)

Watch the recently released video of the Sunday incident in the strait of Hormuz near the Persian Gulf:

Also donwload and watch the official DoD release (via Cernig).

The Iranian officials have called this video fake and fabricated:

"The footage released by the U.S. Navy was compiled using file pictures and the audio has been fabricated" an official in Iran's Revolutionary Guards was quoted as saying by the state-run English-language channel Press TV.

I personally don't trust the released video (or, I should say, the audio) for the following reasons:

1) The guy doesn't seem to have an Iranian accent. The guy talks more like an Arab; he talks from the bottom of his belly. See this funny video: "Arabs vs. Persians" for dummies!

2) The so-called Iranian voice is unexpectedly very clear. Considering that he is on a speed boat at top speeds and exposed to open air, his voice should be very noisy. In this video, the American guy who is inside an enclosed cabin sounds a lot noisier than the guy on the speedboat.

3) The so-called Iranian guy talks very calm as if he is talking dirty: I ammmmm comminggggggg toooo youuuuuu..... (the American guy in a heavily-armed warship is more nervous than the so-called Iranian in a practically-defenseless speedboat!!)

4) The Bush administration has a history of fabricating evidence! (Remember Iraq's WMD evidence? Remember the American-style date-format on Iranians' Iraq-involvement evidence? Remember the stolen laptop that had information about Iran's non-existing Nuclear-Weapons-Program? And this)

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.

Here is a picture of christmas celebration in one of the curches in Tehran. You can find more pictures on MehrNews' website here and here.

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United States' 2008 Presidential Candidates

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