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Friday, March 02, 2007

Will Iran and US talk? --------- A New Theory

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There is a possibility that the US government is following the advice of Iraq study group while it wants to show that it is not. This is why:

If the US goverment wanted to publicly embark on the advice of Iraq-Study-Group and negotiate with Iran, it would have had no strong hand on the negotiating table. It would have appeared weak, begging for help in Iraq.

Now, with the recent increase in US rhetoric and pressure against Iran, the increased number of US troops in the neighbouring Iraq, the increased millitary presence in the Persian Gulf, the recent agitated unrest in Iran's western and eastern borders, and, proximity of a new UNSC resolution against Iran, the US will appear strong, not weak.

Could this path end up on the negotiating table. Lets cross our fingers and hope so.


Anonymous eatbees said...

I agree with you! -- after doing more reading about this than is good for my health. Nicholas Burns is in charge of the Iran dossier for the State Department and this is exactly what they are up to, strengthening the U.S. hand before negotiating. Still, this is a "high risk strategy" and they haven't proven very good at complex tasks in the past -- and they will have to lock Cheney in a padded room before they actually sit down with Iran....

(Thanks for your visit -- check back tomorrow for a new installment.)

Wed Mar 14, 02:34:00 PM 2007  

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